Chairman's Club

All LVHA past Presidents belong to the Chairman’s Club. This group meets on an annual basis and is a resource to the current President and Board of Directors to provide support in accomplishing initiatives that benefit the organization and its members. The current Chairman of the Board is the communication liaison between the Chairman’s Club and the current Board.

LVHA Chairman’s Club intent is to maximize leadership skills and resources of past President’s experience as advisory role to the current LVHA board. The Chairman’s Club is committed to build upon each other’s knowledge to inspire growth and sustainability in alliance with the LVHA Mission Statement.

LVHA Past Presidents

2018 Shannon Trujillo 2000 Jeff Gloeb 1982 Clem Bernier 1964 Ted Nelson
2017 Michelle Sharples 1999 Michelle Mor 1981 Tom Jones 1963 Ted Nelson
2016 Jamie Gagnon 1998 Art Jimenez 1980 Jim Germain 1962 Mark Swain
2015 Cyndi A Martin, CEM 1997 Connie Jalet 1979 Lloyd Boothby    
2014 Tami Hance 1996 Martie Sparks 1978 Hal Chandler    
2013 Julie Pazina 1995 Robert Colvin 1977 Dick Fitzpatrick    
2012 Bryan Kroten 1994 Kim Davis 1976 Bob Mitchell    
2011 JJ Wills 1993 Don Stuckey 1975 Lorin Scott    
2010 Stacey Purcell 1992 Jim Germain 1974 Charles Monahan    
2009 CeCe Knapp
Linda Ness
1991 Tom Jones 1973 Bruce Phillips    
2008 Linda Ness 1990 Danielle Babilino 1972 Len Hornsby    
2007 Jennifer Herring 1989 Danielle Babilino 1971 James Lake    
2006 Eric Hoffend 1988 Tom Jones 1970 Doug Farley    
2005 Kathy Clark 1987 Tom Jones 1969 Vern Schlect    
2004 Erika Welling 1986 Jan Faust 1968 Hal Chandler    
2003 Jeff Gloeb 1985 Ken Herman 1967 Bob Schmuck    
2001 Monique Michaels 1984 Val Moon 1966 Bob Schmuck    
2002 CeCe Knapp 1983 Val Moon 1965 Gordon Paulus