Our Dedication to Education

LVHA Initiatives

Education is such an important part of what we support and believe in at LVHA. In addition to scholarships, we are excited to offer our Membership opportunities to get more involved with students at the University of Nevada Las Vegas, College of Southern Nevada and the Academy of Hospitality and Tourism at Valley High School. We are launching a program to support mentorship, internships, speaker opportunities and/or venue tours with these schools and would love to have our members and member companies get involved.

We ask that if you or one of your colleagues would be interested in mentoring a student, providing an internship, speaking to students on your area of expertise or engaging local students in a venue tour of your facility, please review and complete the information on the appropriate link below and a representative from UNLV, CSN or Valley High School’s Academy of Hospitality and Tourism will be in contact with you.

Mentor a Student Provide an Internship Speak to Students Provide a Venue Tour

Thank you very much and we wish you an engaging and fulfilling experience making a difference in the lives of Southern Nevada students!

Please contact our President, Shannon Trujillo at president@mylvha.org with any questions about this initiative.